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about the project

'Screen - Connecting youth through film' is a film project for youth. Selected participants can go on a three months stay where they, together with local youth and film enthusiasts, make film, hold workshops and develop film festivals. The vision of the project is that youth meets youth irrespective of countries and cultures, and that they together make films about their impressions and things that interest them. The youth learn from each other, they get to know foreign cultures and they learn about film making.

The youth club TVIBIT in Tromsø is the primary partner of the project. Partners in south are Project Haiti, Mathare Youth Sports Association in Kenya and Cyrus Development Solutions in South Africa.



Ramses is 19 years old and lives alone. He is in third grade of upper secondary school. Ramses loves going to the cinema. He wants to learn how to make film and is very happy to be part of the Screen project. His dream is to go to Canada to get an education within film making.



Samuel is 20 years old and lives with his family. He works as an IT assistant in a firm that makes video and film. He heard of Screen through a friend. His dream is to become a film producer. The film course with Screen is an exciting opportunity for him to advance within film making.



Babang is 22 years old and lives with his family consisting of 7 sisters and 2 brothers. His parents live in the U.S. He goes to upper secondary school and comes to Screen every afternoon. His dream is to make Haiti's best feature film. Babang is also attending English courses.

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