Stiftelsen Prosjekt Haiti, Tunvegen 4c, 9018 Tromsø.

Stiftelsen Prosjekt Haiti, Rue Thomas Edison # 3 BIS Delmas 33 Port- au- Prince Haiti.( W.I.)

Bankkonto: 9741 11 34427

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Tuesday 12 January 2010, a massive earthquake hit the capital of Haiti, Port au Prince. The devastations are enormous, constituting an absolute catastrophe.

Project Haiti has run the elementary school Petit Troll in Port au Prince for almost 10 years. Luckily, the school was one of the buildings left untouched by the earthquake. However, the damages in the neighborhoods where our children live are severe. The staff and representatives of Project Haiti know the local community well, and will within shortly set up a temporary station for emergency relief in connection with the school in order to help the local community to the best of our efforts. Exactly how great our efforts may be, will be determined by how much economic support we are able to gather.

Project Haiti's account number is 9741 11 34427 Payment from abroad:

Account number FOKUS Bank;9741.11.34427

Account IBAN no: NO44 9741 1134427

Swift Code: DABANO22

The great majority of Haitian people lived in extreme poverty already before the earthquake hit. Now, hundreds of thousands of people have lost family members, homes, belongings - everything. The need for emergency relief is enormous, and the need for long term aid for reconstruction even bigger. Project Haiti is one of the organizations that, through its presence, contacts and commitment, will be able to make a difference for those who have lost everything.

Help us to help the people of Haiti!

Investing in Education in Haiti

Stiftelsen Prosjekt Haiti Stiftelsen Prosjekt Haiti – SPH ( “The Project Haiti Foundation“ ) was established in the year 2000. It’s prime goal is to improve the conditions and prospects for poor children in Haiti. In this work education is one of the most important factors. All social change depends upon the level of education.

SPH is a nonprofit, non-political and non-religious charitable organisation working to better childrens’ lives.

The project is funded through donations from organisations and schools in Norway as well as through child sponsorship from private donors.

Project Haiti has also received national awards. The board of directors all work without remuneration.

Our school is situated in Delmas 33. At the moment we have 65 students from Kindergarten through fifth grade. We have ten local staff, included an associated paediatrician.The students come from very poor areas in the neighbourhood. In addition to primary education all students receive a hot meal every day, school materials and uniforms. The school program is based on the national curriculum.

In addition we offer extra curriculum courses such as music, art and health. These courses are led by Norwegian and Haitian volunteers.
We will soon offer evening classes for adults and vocational courses for youth.

We are organizing vaccinations of all our students and have close collaboration with Dr. Sine.We follow up all students regularly on their health situation. Future projects are establishing a health center for the local community in collaboration with Centre for International Health (University of Tromsø/ University Hospital North Norway), preventive health measures etc.

In addition to volunteers from Norway working in Petit Troll we have a student exchange program where Norwegian students can spend a period of time at the school. We are working to organize students from Haiti going to Norway.

Ingvill Konradsen Ceïde, MA Human Rights/ Project Manager
Nina Bønå, Teacher/ Project Manager
Luc Edwin Ceïde, Student , University of Tromsø
Ragnhild St. Hilaire, Artist and teacher
Dag Helge Konradsen, Teacher and musician
Kjell Bjørgvin Nilsen, Specialist in Childrens Psychiatry

Florence Ceïde, Director
Meriseline Moody, teacher
Nansude Augustine, teacher
Leopoldine Dalberis, teacher
Ricot Jean, teacher
Gerline Dalberis, teacher
Jean Ricot Louis
Rose Policard
Bernadette Doronte
Dr. Florence Sine, Associated Doctor

An important part of our work in Norway is information and creating awareness about the situation in Haiti. In addition to presenting the hard reality of Haiti we also focus on the positive aspects, such as a rich culture including music, poetry, fine art etc.

We regularly visit kindergartens, schools, colleges, universities and other organisations. Children and youth in Norway have learned about Haitian music, singing and dancing. Some of them have even performed on stage with Edwin.

Last updated: 14.01.10.

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"A dream is a dream when you don’t believe.
If you believe, it’s no longer a dream but a goal to reach for".

Edwin Ceïde

Famous artist Tor Kvarv has donated an original lithography in 300 copies which we sell for Project Haiti. Mr. Kvarv sponsors a child in Petit Troll, the same boy that inspired his lithography.

Karl Willy Gabriel, 7 years old.